Hi, I'm Lauren, on this is a site where you will find affordable blog designs. With my love for drawing and design, I set up a business earlier this year offering to design people's blog for an affordable price. You can choose from premade templates which are ready to go and can be installed on your blog within a matter of hours. The other option is to have a design created for your needs. You get to have a say on how exactly you want your blog to look. 

I also offers headers, social buttons and any other help you may need with your blog. At the this moment in time, I only offers blogger platform templates, however hopes to do wordpress in the near future. 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me with the links above. 

I look forward to working with you. 

Client Reviews

" Lauren came highly recommended by a friend when I was lookin for my blog to be redesigned. I found her to be very creative and efficient and the whole process from design to template application was very fast."                                                   Donna (notjustinside.com)

"I was on the lookout for someone who could update my blogger template but couldn't find anyone that met my budget. A fellow blogger recommended Lauren Marie to me so I got in contact. I found Lauren Marie to be extremely friendly and professional in asking what I was looking for. She paid attention to what I had requested and the blog turned out lovely.Discussing requirements to the blog template being installed took a matter of days. I would highly recommend Lauren Marie to anyone"